I am a visual artist based in Denver Colordado’s RiNo Arts District.  I employ a variety of mediums including charcoal, pastels, ink and acrylic paint to achieve my visions, utilizing recycled and scrap materials whenever possible.   I strive to create freely and to produce inspired and genuine work.  My days are mostly filled by pursuing knowledge, challenging my understanding of the world, development of my skill, creation and thinking.  I am particularly captivated with the human form and people generally. My work is deeply informed by my interactions and experiences.


For years, Emily meandered through various jobs, all the while creating artwork for friends and family.  The latter part of 2016 brought a shift in focus for Emily.  She decided to pursue a more meaningful existence wherein she is creating more good in the world.  Currently she is doing so through the creation of artwork and active support of likeminded individuals and organizations (for example Coldharbour Institute and The Savory Institute).  

Emily is currently working out of a studio space called Globeville Riverfront Art Center, located in Denver’s RiNo Arts District.  Here, she is free to create, experiment and play, all in the company of her favorite companion, Luna, the rescue dog whom she loves dearly.

Emily's studio is open by appointment, feel free to contact her at emilycopestudios@gmail.com.  


Emily Grew up on a family farm in a small town in south central Pennsylvania.  She went on to study Arts Management and play soccer at Messiah College.

After graduation, Emily journeyed west.  Albuquerque, New Mexico was home for 5 years, and is where Emily fell in love with the west.  In early 2016, Denver became home.